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About the Eye-Catcher of the Month Program


Jeremy Kleier, Code Administrator
A large part of Code Enforcement duties include taking code enforcement action against homes and businesses not maintained to the Cities minimum standards.

Instead of interacting with our citizens and businesses solely for problems with their property, we wanted to somehow recognize properties that are well-maintained. It was for this reason that we came up with the Eye-Catcher of the Month program.

While out in the City performing Code Enforcement duties we also look for properties to feature. The criteria are pretty simple; we are looking for a property that appears well maintained. We don’t consider the age of the structure or how elaborate the landscaping, decorative features, etc… are.  We are looking for properties with the structure and grounds in good condition (grass cut and trimmed, landscaping trimmed, structure in good repair, grounds are clean, etc…).

When a property catches our eye, a photo is taken and is featured on the website. The property owner is contacted and offered the opportunity to have a sign displayed on the property while it is featured on the website.


City of Florence, KY
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