Code Enforcement

The City of Florence Code Enforcement Board conducts monthly meetings in the Council Chambers of the Florence Government Center, 8100 Ewing Blvd, Florence, KY 41042 on the first Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m.  The Code Enforcement Chairman will review and approve minutes prior to posting.

Citation Payments

By Mail:
Code Enforcement citation payments can be made by making a copy of the citation, writing the citation number on the check, and sending via mail to:
City of Florence
Florence Government Center
Finance Department
8100 Ewing Blvd
Florence, KY  41042

By Phone:
To make a payment over the phone, contact (859) 647-5413.

Drop Box:
For your convenience, there is a drop box located by the door at the south entrance of the Florence Government Center, 8100 Ewing Blvd, Florence, KY  41042.

Contesting a Citation

For information on contesting a citation, contact your Code Officer at (859) 647-5416 or the City Clerk at (859) 647-8177.

Code Enforcement Board Agendas and Minutes


CEB Meeting – 1/3/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 2/7/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 3/6/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 4/3/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 5/1/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 6/5/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 7/3/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 8/7/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 9/4/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 10/2/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 11/6/24: Agenda, Minutes
CEB Meeting – 12/4/24: Agenda, Minutes


Code Enforcement Board Agendas and Minutes: 2019 Archive

Code Enforcement Board Agendas and Minutes: 2020 Archive

Code Enforcement Board Agendas and Minutes: 2021 Archive

Code Enforcement Board Agendas and Minutes: 2022 Archive

Code Enforcement Board Agendas and Minutes: 2023 Archive


Pursuant to KRS 65.8836 A local government adopting the provisions of KRS 65.8801 to 65.8839 shall implement a system for notification to lienholders that meets the minimum requirements of subsection (2) of this section and shall comply with the procedures to permit remedial action by lienholders as provided in subsection (3) of this section in order to obtain and maintain the lien priority over previously filed liens granted in KRS 65.8835.

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Code Enforcement Final Orders

Achates Avenue

Action Boulevard

Aero Parkway

Airview Drive

Algiers Street

Allison Avenue

Ann Street

Antoinette Way

Apex Lane

Appomattox Drive

Armstrong Street

Ash Street

Bankers Street

Banklick Street

Barnwood Court

Barronne Street

Becker Lane

Belair Circle

Belair Drive

Bell Avenue

Bellegarde Court

Belvedere Court

Beverly Place

Bill Wentz Drive

Blue Orchard Court

Bridle Court

Buckingham Drive

Burgess Lane

Burk Avenue

Burlington Pike

Bustetter Drive

Cardinal Drive

Cardinal Place

Cavalier Boulevard

Cavalry Drive

Center Park Drive

Center Street

Charleston Court

Chateau Court

Chelsea Square

Chipman Drive

Circle Drive

Clark Street

Clarkston Lane

Collingwood Court

Colonial Drive

Colonnade Drive

Commerce Drive

Connector Drive

Coreta Drive

Creekside Drive

Crimson Oak Drive

Crozat Street

Curtis Avenue

Dalton Drive

Dauphine Drive

Dell Street

Dilcrest Circle (North)

Dilcrest Drive (West)

Dixie Highway

Doering Drive

Dorcas Avenue

Dortha Avenue

Dream Street

Drexel Avenue

Eagle Creek Court

Eden Court

Edwards Avenue

Evergreen Drive

Ewing Boulevard

Fair Court

Fescue Court

Finn Lane

Foster Ave

Freedom Way

Georgian Ct

Gettysburg Lane

Girard Street

Goodridge Drive

Grand Avenue

Greystone Court

Haines Drive

Hansel Avenue

Hardwicke Lane

Hearthstone Court

Heights Boulevard

Heritage Drive

Highridge Avenue

Hillside Drive

Hilltop Court

Hollywood Drive

Homestead Drive

Honeysuckle Drive

Honeysuckle Terrace

Hopeful Church Road

Hopeful Road

Houston Road


Industrial Road

Imperial Drive

Isaac Lane

Jackson Rue

JoAnn Drive

Joshua Court

Julia Avenue

Juniper Lane

Kathryn Avenue

Kelley Drive

Kennedy Court

Kentaboo Avenue

Lacresta Drive

Lakeshore Drive

Lapalco Court

Lee Street

Lexington Avenue

Liberty Court

Lloyd Avenue

Longbranch Road

Louise Ct

Lucas Street

Lynn Street

Main Street

Mall Rd

Mall Road Circle

Manderlay Drive

Maranatha Court

Meadow Lane

Meadow Creek Drive

Meadow Wood Drive

Meijer Drive

Merchants Street

Merravay Drive

Mill Way

Miriam Drive

Morris Street

Mount Zion Road

New Uri Avenue

Nicholas Street

Nottoway Court

Oblique Street

Oceanage Drive

Orchard Drive

Partridge Circle

Patricia Street

Pheasant Drive

Pinehurst Drive

Plantation Drive

Pleasant Valley Road

Portage Trail

Preakness Drive

Quiet Creek Drive

Quail Court

Raintree Road

Rajean Drive

Ravenswood Drive

Rebel Drive

Red Cedar Court

Red Clover Court

Ridge View Avenue

Ridgeway Avenue

Rio Grande Circle

Roberta Avenue

Roger Lane

Running Creek Drive

Russell Street

Safeway Drive

St Jude Circle

St. Louis Boulevard

Sanders Drive

Sandstone Court

Savannah Lakes Drive

Scott Drive

Seligman Drive

Shelby Street

Shenandoah Drive

Shortridge Court

Spicewood Avenue

Spiral Boulevard

Spiral Drive

Spruce Drive

Steeplebush Drive

Steilen Drive

Stonegate Drive

Stratford Court

Stratton Drive

Sunrise Drive

Surfwood Drive

Surrey Court

Susie Drive

Sussex Drive

Suzzanne Way

Tamarack Drive

Tanners Lane

Tanners Gate Lane

Taramore Place

Tattersall Lane

Tee Street

Thorne Hill Drive

Trace Drive

Turfway Road

US Highway 42

Utz Drive

Valley Drive

Valley Circle Drive

Vandercar Way

Village Drive

Virginia Avenue

Vivian Drive

Wallace Avenue

Walnut Creek Drive

Waverly Drive

Wellington Drive

Wells Street

West Cobblestone Court

West Dilcrest Circle

Wetherington Boulevard

Winthrop Circle

Winthrop Place

Wisteria Court

Woodland Avenue

Woodspoint Drive

Yealey Drive

Youell Street