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Florence announces reopening of parks; Aquatic Center will not open


We appreciate the Florence community’s patience as we have worked together to meet the Kentucky Department of Public Health guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our region and state. Playgrounds and other parks amenities in Kentucky and around the nation were affected by these measures, and we are now pleased to announce City of Florence parks will begin a responsible phased reopening as follows:

Skate Park: Monday, June 8
Playgrounds: Friday, June 12
Tennis Courts: Friday, June 12
Shelter Reservations*: Monday, June 29 (50 people or less)
Restrooms and Water Fountains: Monday, June 29
Basketball Courts: Monday, June 29
Volleyball Courts: Monday, June 29
Aquatic Center: Closed for 2020 season

[*To make a shelter reservation for June 29 or later, of 50 people or less, please call (859) 647-5425.]

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