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Main Street Public Workshop


The Boone County Planning Commission, in conjunction with the City of Florence, will be hosting a workshop on plans for updating the 1994 Florence Main Street (FMS) Zoning Study and FMS District Zoning text and map in the Boone County Zoning Regulations.

The workshop will take place at the Florence Nature Park Event Center, 7200 Nature Park Dr., Florence, KY 41042 on Thursday, August 26, 2021, from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

More information:

WHY NOW? The 1994 Florence Main Street (FMS) Zoning Study is overdue for an update: it's vision, guidelines and standards are no longer sufficient to guide the future of Florence's historic Main Street core. In January 2021 Florence Mayor Diane Whalen asked the Boone County Planning Commission (BCPC) to evaluate the FMS District and revise the Boone County Zoning Regulations (text and map) to meet the current vision and goals for Florence Main Street.

HOW? In 2019, the City of Florence hired a consultant to update the historic buildings survey in the Main Street area. In 2020, Yard & Company and Calfee Zoning worked with a committee of Planning Commission and City staff and architectural-engineering professionals to analyze the 1994 FMS zoning and its impact. These initiatives identified the project objectives for this 2021 FMS update.


WHERE? The 2021 FMS update focuses on the original 49.3-acre FMS district and potential expansion areas (28.3 acres) south to Dixie Highway and north along Girard and Shelby Streets to Kentucky 18.

WHEN? The planning process began in early 2021 and the process of adopting updates to the Boone County Zoning Regulations is expected by the end of 2021.


Florence Main Street (FMS) 2021 Update project information is online at the Boone County Planning Commission website here:

Matt Becher, Rural/Open Space Planner

Boone County Planning commission

(859) 334-2196

Josh Hunt

Director Bus & Econ. Development City of .Florence 859-647-8177


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