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Mayor Julie Aubuchon Presents State of the City & Budget Address, Emphasizing Economic Development and Community Engagement


On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, Mayor Julie Aubuchon took the stage to fulfill her duty as the Mayor of Florence and present the State of the City and Budget Address. With immense pride and gratitude, Mayor Aubuchon highlighted the rich history and diverse opportunities that make Florence a thriving community. This marked her first State of the City and Budget Address, coming 164 days into her Administration, and she expressed her readiness to lead Florence towards a prosperous future.

As the Mayor of Northern Kentucky's leading city for shopping, entertainment, business, and diverse housing options, Mayor Aubuchon proudly represented her hometown. Recognizing the collective efforts behind the city's success, she acknowledged the dedicated team of six council members, over 250 employees, and numerous city volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure top-notch services, abundant recreational opportunities, and safe neighborhoods for all residents.

Mayor Aubuchon emphasized the importance of economic development as a driving force for Florence's growth. She highlighted the city's initiatives to attract new businesses, create job opportunities, and enhance the local economy. By fostering partnerships with private enterprises and supporting entrepreneurship, Florence aims to cultivate a thriving business ecosystem that benefits both residents and investors. The Mayor reaffirmed her commitment to creating an environment conducive to economic prosperity and ensuring that Florence remains a sought-after destination for businesses and residents alike.

Community engagement emerged as another vital aspect of Mayor Aubuchon's address. She emphasized the value of citizen involvement and encouraged residents to actively participate in shaping the future of their community. Through community forums, public hearings, and open dialogue, Florence seeks to ensure that all voices are heard and considered in the decision-making process. Mayor Aubuchon recognized the invaluable contributions of community organizations, neighborhood associations, and dedicated volunteers, who play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life in Florence.

Mayor Aubuchon celebrated the addition of new personnel across various departments, highlighting the expertise and qualifications they bring to their respective roles. She commended the accomplishments of the Finance Department, Fire/EMS Department, and Police Department, all of which received notable awards and certifications for their excellence and dedication.

Looking ahead to Fiscal Year 2024, Mayor Aubuchon expressed her commitment to providing the best services to the community, emphasizing the importance of strengthening personnel and fostering talent within each department. She emphasized the city's focus on continued training and skill development, highlighting the certifications obtained by the city employees.

The Mayor emphasized the significance of community events, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of volunteers and city personnel in making them possible. Mayor Aubuchon mentioned the successful hosting of the 9/11 NEVER FORGET Mobile exhibit and highlighted the return of in-person events such as the Summer Concert Series, End of Summer Celebration, National Night Out, Halloween Night Out, the Veterans Day Program, and the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting.

Mayor Julie Aubuchon's State of the City and Budget Address showcased her commitment to the prosperity and well-being of Florence. Her emphasis on economic development, community engagement, and strategic growth positions the city for a bright and successful future. With Mayor Aubuchon's leadership, Florence is poised to continue its trajectory of progress, delivering exceptional services and maintaining its status as a vibrant and inclusive community.

To read Mayor Aubuchon’s State of the City Address in its entirety click here.

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