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City of Florence Community Photo Contest - June 3-10, 2024


City of Florence Community Photo Contest - June 3-10, 2024

The City of Florence is excited to announce its inaugural photo contest, inviting residents and visitors alike to capture the essence and beauty of our city through their lenses. The contest aims to celebrate the unique landscapes, communities, and iconic landmarks that make Florence a special place to live, work, and visit.

The contest is open to all individuals, regardless of residency, with the only requirement being that the submitted photo must be taken within the City of Florence (City of Florence city boundaries). Participants are encouraged to explore the city's neighborhoods, parks, and attractions to capture captivating images that reflect the our beautiful city.

Submission guidelines are as follows:

Photo Format: Please submit digital, color photos in JPEG or PNG format with high resolution.
Submission Period: Send your photos via email to between June 3, 2024, and June 10, 2024.
Number of Submissions: Photographers of all skill levels are welcome to submit up to 3 photos.
Information Required: In your email, remember to provide your name, address, phone number, email address, photo title, category, and the photo location(s).
Ownership: Once submitted, photographs become the property of the City of Florence. While efforts will be made to maintain the original photo layout, the City of Florence reserves the right to crop photos if needed.
Usage: Photos may be utilized on the City of Florence's website, social media, and promotional materials without attribution.
Photo Release Form: For photos with close-ups of identifiable individuals, a signed photo release form is required unless taken on public property or at a city event.

In each category, winners for First, Second, and Third Place will be selected. Each photographer can win only once. Winners will be acknowledged on the City of Florence website, social media platforms, and featured at our Art & Vendor Festival on July 20, 2024. The winners will be notified and publicly announced on June 24, 2024.

Participants are encouraged to focus their photographs on landscape, people, and landmarks within the City of Florence. Whether it is a breathtaking sunset at one of our parks, our beloved water tower, every corner of Florence offers an opportunity for stunning photography.

The submission deadline for the photo contest is June 10, 2024.

To submit your photos or for more information about the contest, please contact Melissa Kramer, City Clerk/Public Relations Administrator, at 859-647-8177/

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