Message from Administration

 A Message from Administration

Welcome to the Administrative Department. Our staff is responsible for the daily management of city government, implementation of legislative actions, and the execution of policy decisions approved by the Mayor and City Council. Our primary goal is to ensure the efficient, professional, and cost-effective delivery of public services. We also play a pivotal role in various key areas, which include:

  1. Economic and community development initiatives: We actively work towards fostering growth and progress in the City of Florence.
  2. Negotiations of economic incentives: We handle discussions and agreements related to economic incentives to promote business development.
  3. Zoning oversight: We are responsible for overseeing all zoning matters within the city.
  4. Administration of occupational and ABC licenses: We facilitate the application process for occupational and ABC licenses.
  5. Safety and risk management: We prioritize safety and manage property and casualty risks.
  6. Maintenance and preservation of city records: We ensure the proper maintenance and safekeeping of all permanent city records.
  7. Publication of legal notices: We handle the publication of all necessary legal notices.
  8. Compliance with the Kentucky Open Records Act: We perform our duties in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Kentucky Open Records Act.
  9. Management of city-related events: We coordinate and manage various city events, including holiday celebrations, parades, concerts, and cultural gatherings, to foster community engagement and celebrate our local culture.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our staff at (859) 647-8177. We are here to help!