Infrastructure Support Services

Infrastructure Support Services

The City of Florence Infrastructure Support Services (I.S.S.) team is comprised of four functional areas consisting of capital improvement projects, regulatory compliance and analysis, asset management, and technology. These four components function in tandem to manage the City’s transportation network, parks and facilities, right of way, water distribution system, sanitary sewer collection system and storm water conveyance systems.

I.S.S. provides project management and inspection services for all capital improvement projects along with major site development oversight.

I.S.S. is responsible for all water, sanitary, storm water regulatory compliance and assisting the Boone Florence Water Commission (BFWC) on regulatory compliance.

I.S.S. is responsible for long-range forecasting and master planning as it relates to the City’s infrastructure, as well as, investigation and analysis for asset sustainability.

I.S.S. manages the department’s Geographic Information System (GIS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. The division manages all technology initiatives for the department and functions as subject matter experts for departmental hardware and software acquisitions.

I.S.S. provides support to the department’s operations staff as to program management. The division also assists the department’s operations staff with contracted work as needed.

Other duties include utility locate services, encroachment permit administration, major site development plan review, Kentucky Division of Water infrastructure submittal review and processing, playground equipment and other special inspections, bi-annual bridge inspection program, administration of all grants along with staff support for the City’s Urban Forest Commission.