Sanitary and Storm Sewer System

Sanitary Sewer System

The City of Florence sanitary sewer collection system consist of 145 miles of sanitary sewer line, 3,623 manholes and 7 pump stations. The Public Services Department is responsible for the maintenance and management of the system. The City does not own its own treatment facility; instead the City’s sewage is treated by Sanitation District No.1 (SD1) through an agreement that expires in 2028.
The Public Services Department provides project management, preventative maintenance, repairs and regulatory compliance requirements for the system. Duties performed by departmental personnel include system cleaning, closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections, smoke & dye testing, flow monitoring, pump station maintenance and system repairs. The department is also responsible for project management of contracted work, oversight of engineering studies, inspection services and acceptance of new construction by developers.
The Public Services Department receives funding from an enterprise fund, which is a self supporting fund in that the expenses must be supported by the revenue. The department is in the process of gathering inventory and condition assessment information and entering this data into the departments Computerized Maintenance Management System (Cartegraph) and GIS. The department publishes a three year repair/replacement schedule which identifies future projects and is working on developing a long-term plan to determine future funding needs.