Transportation System

Transportation System


The City of Florence transportation system consists of over 377 streets that encompass 174 lane miles and contain over 4,423 street signs, as well as 185.4 miles of pedestrian/bike facilities. The Public Services Department is responsible for the maintenance and management of the system. The Public Services Department also performs limited maintenance on the State Highway system that is located within the City limits. The State Highway system encompasses 76 lane miles.

The Public Services Department provides project management, preventative maintenance and repairs for the system. Duties performed by departmental personnel include preventive maintenance functions such as crack sealing, undersealing and street sweeping as well as repairs such as concrete slab replacement, mill and patch and sidewalk replacement. The department is also responsible for the project management of contracted work, as well as, inspection and acceptance of new construction by developers.

The Public Services Department performs yearly inspections on one third of all City owned streets and this information is entered into the departments Computerized Maintenance Management System (Cartegraph). This information then provides the department with each street’s pavement condition index (PCI), which is then used to determine the repair strategy and scheduling priority. Bridges within the transportation network are inspected every two years by both the State (bridges 20’ span and greater) and the department (bridges under a 20’ span). The department publishes a three year repair/replacement schedule and is working on a long-term plan in order to determine future funding needs.

The Public Services Department receives funding from the City’s General Fund and Capital Improvement Fund, as well as the Municipal Aid Road Fund (M.A.R.F.), which is Federal Gas Tax administered through the State. The department also applies for various grants to help supplement funding.

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